NEWS RELEASE | 07 October 2019 |

A two-day activity to capacitate the members of Makati Chapter of the Career Advocates Life Coaches and Mentors (CALM) was held on 27-28 September 2019, at the Dominique Hotel, Tagaytay City, and attended by 30 career advocates and eight PESO Personnel.

Coordinated with the Makati-Pasay Field Office, the PESO Makati invited the guidance counselors and designates of the City with the aim of enhancing their capacities in career guidance and cope with the information needed in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Senior Labor and Employment Officer Ryan Roberto E. Delos Reyes of the Employment Promotion and Workers Welfare Division, served as the main speaker of the activity.

“The 4th Industrial Revolution entails changes in the labor market, preparing our students, the future workforce, is vital for our country’s survival in the digital age,” said Delos Reyes.

He also discussed the skills requirements needed to cope with the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. “People Skills still occupy the number one spot. Robots and artificial intelligence may redefine the way we conduct our jobs but it is only us humans who can analyze facts, provide intelligent projections, and dignify the responsibilities of his work,” he continued.

He also gave an orientation on employment coaching and emphasized on positive perspective towards work. “Right attitude and appreciation of work are key behaviors in ensuring the success of an employee’s engagement in work. Our region has a services sector driven economy and employment; therefore, it is proper that the jobseekers possess a positive outlook to their engagement as they will be interacting with clients most of the time,” he said. Delos Reyes also reminded the participants to instill in their students the importance of being polite, good grooming, and right mindset to ace job interviews and employment.

Other speakers were Jon Arches of PESO Makati who discussed the implementation of the Special Program for Employment of Students and its accomplishment for year 2019. He also mentioned the plans for next year’s implementation.

Angelica Fresnoza of DOLE CAMANAVA Field Office presented their initiatives and best practice as regard implementation of career guidance advocacies. Fresnoza highlighted the coordination between the CALM CAMANAVA Chapter and the private sector to realize its objective of effective cascading of information to the students and other stakeholders of the area. Katrina Otadoy of DOLE Makati-Pasay Field Office discussed the child labor profiling initiative of the Department and scored its importance in addressing the concerns on the children’s engagement in hazardous undertakings.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes

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